Phil Pennock

Membership Level

Sustaining Membership


Perks of Sustaining Membership:

  • Self-serve access to C&S Slack chat (see
  • Submit to C&S conference Calls for Proposals
  • Create event profiles for C&S events
  • A public profile to show your membership
  • Certification for events attended
  • Private members-only Slack room (see for the inviter button)
  • Post on our job board (see
  • Get special event and merchandise discounts
  • Two credits for a day at our Workspace per month
  • Membership to Mattress Factory, a museum in Central Northside
  • Discount at Kennywood, an amusement park nearby in West Mifflin
  • Discount at Ascend, an indoor rock climbing gym in the South Side Flats
  • Discount at Steel City Improv, 10% off Level One improv classes in East Liberty (email for code)