Senior Backend Engineer

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Pittsburgh, PA

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FTE only


What we do

Seek is an analytics platform to deliver actionable insights to customers who want to leverage data to solve problems in the retail and CPG space. Our tools allow individuals and organizations to quickly identify and solve problems through in-depth dashboards and visualizations that help drive a business toward making better data driven decisions.

What You’ll Be Doing

Backend Engineers at Seek are not just developing web applications; we’re crafting transformative, data-driven experiences that deliver actionable insights to our users. We leverage contemporary Python packages like FastAPI for lightning-fast API development, Celery for distributed task execution, and Dbt for transformational data builds. Our backend ecosystem is enriched with powerful platforms like Sigma for analytical visualizations and Snowflake for efficient data warehousing. By joining our team, you’ll be working hands-on with modern tools, contributing to data-driven web applications that make a real impact. We believe in embracing innovation and delivering quality.


  • Develop features and improvements to Seek products in a secure, well-tested, and performant way
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of RESTful API endpoints, ensuring their consistent performance and troubleshooting issues.
  • Work closely with our data team to ensure efficient interfacing with cloud-based data warehouses, especially Snowflake.
  • Support the management of our custom dbt build, aiding in deploying analytic packages and incorporating modifications as directed.
  • Assist in the integration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of our platform’s connection to data visualization tools such as Sigma. Ensure seamless data flow and optimal performance for visual analytics.
  • Craft code that meets our standards for style, maintainability, and best practices for a high-scale web environment. Maintain and advocate for these standards through code review.
  • Work collaboratively with various teams, including frontend developers, data scientists, and product managers, to ensure a harmonized approach to platform development
  • Confidently ship small features and improvements with minimal guidance and support from other team members. Collaborate with the team on larger projects.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and best practices in backend web development.

Senior Level Engineers play the following roles on our team:

  • Architect and lead the development of high-complexity application features.
  • Drive optimizations and enhancements in web applications.
  • Mentor Junior and Intermediate Backend Engineers, fostering their growth.
  • Influence the overall objectives and long-term goals of the application development team.
  • Represent Seek in industry events, discussions, and contribute to open source or industry forums if applicable.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or related field.
  • 5+ years of significant professional experience with Python building backend web applications, data platforms, and APIs.
  • Experience with FastAPI or similar asynchronous web frameworks.
  • Experience with relational databases, specifically PostgreSQL, and an understanding of database design and optimization techniques.
  • Experience with Snowflake and integrating with cloud data warehouses. Familiarity with Snowflake’s advanced (or private preview) features such as Native Apps preferred.
  • Experience with dbt (Data Build Tool) for managing and deploying analytics packages.
  • Exposure to Embedded Analytics/Visualization tools, preferably Sigma.
  • Familiarity with version control systems (preferably Git) and continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines.
  • Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal, suitable for a remote and largely asynchronous work environment.
  • Proven ability to communicate complex technical problems clearly and propose iterative solutions.
  • Comfort working in a highly agile, intensely iterative software development process.

**Seek Must Haves **

Willing to work on a team that believes:

  • Everything starts with the customer
  • Deliver first, then optimize
  • Small experiments »> large releases
  • Debates are a sign of passion, and are never personal
  • Ownership is key
  • Viewing diversity as a core strength, not just a nice feature
  • Embracing a growth mindset to tackle the new, interdisciplinary challenge

Salary Range: $135,000/yr - $155,000/yr + Bonus

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