Free Community Events

Several times a month, Code & Supply hosts free community lectures on software development and a number of social events.

Past events have highlighted the following programming languages: Elixir, Rust, Go, Clojure, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Swift, Julia, Drupal, PHP, Scala, node.js, Python, Haskell, Django, and AngularJS. 

We also focus on professional skills such as: technical writing, quality assurance, and responsive design.

We add new events all the time, so check out our calendar of events to build and learn with us!


On our monthly podcast, co-hosts Alex Shenoy and Justin Reese bring in special guests to discuss relevant and timely topics facing the software community. Tune in.

Community Software Training

Code & Supply has internal goals to measurably grow Pittsburgh's technology community. One of the best ways to do that is to add new software programmers through training the people here. Check out our Starter Series and community priced software workshops that will teach everyone to code.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors are integral to the success of Code & Supply. These companies are actively helping to build a thriving tech community, and earn our sincere thanks for their involvement in our mission. Learn more about them below:

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